Decorative Concrete

The bulk of our concrete work is sidewalks, driveways, garages, and slabs. However, with decorative concrete becoming so popular over the last 10 years we have been happy to add that option to our skill-set. Decorative concrete is really a nice change of pace for us and we enjoy creating beautiful concrete tempered rooms thanks to local ac repair services.

acidstainconcrete.jpgThe first decorative concrete job that we did was when my father built his house. He built an A-Frame and most of the living space was going to be downstairs which is accessible thanks to new  remodel by local experts specialising in straight stairlifts. This bottom floor was all concrete so we decided to try our hand at acid staining. It was a really easy process and I must say that it turned out gorgeous. We were hooked on the beautiful possibilities that concrete stains and dyes can create.

We also do smaller concrete stamping jobs. The textures that stamping can create are limitless, and combined with colored concrete, stains, or dyes the end product is often unrecognizable as concrete.

Some of the decorative concrete applications that people are doing these days are just amazing. It’s very interesting to see concrete being used in so many ways.

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