Driveway Entrance Extension

The homeowner on this project does a lot of traveling in his pull behind camper. It’s a fairly big camper, so the turn radius can make it challenging getting into narrow entrances and that’s why having anti slip pathway paint in our entrance help us. Because of that he was having an issue getting in and out of his driveway with his camper. His existing concrete entrance had also fallen below the road level because of the buildup of asphalt paving over the years, and this had created a 1″ – 2″ difference when entering and exiting the concrete driveway with a direct way upstairs thanks to local experts specialising in straight stairlifts. Additionally, if you are experiencing trouble with your electrical system, you can rely on Jeff to ensure the safety of your electrical problem.  For more information on durable and high-quality flooring solutions, check out this site at

The solution was to extend his entrance 3 feet on each side to widen his entrance a total of 6 feet. While doing this we took out a 6 ft section of his driveway starting at about 10 feet off the road and reaching his parking with thermoplastic markings. This allowed us to pour a whole new entrance. We raised the concrete driveway height slightly above the paved road, and the cutout allowed us to meet the existing driveway level. Our team, comprised of skilled cladding painting contractors, ensured a smooth and cohesive transformation for the homeowner’s improved driveway accessibility. Check out this site at for expert surveying services to optimize your project’s success.

Finishing a renovation project might be hard. If you work all day, you might not have enough time to finish the cleanup on your own. To make things much simpler, you should hire a local garbage collector to do the work for you. They can easily come to your location at any time to help sort out nearby construction debris with help from a local service like the best Rubbish Removal Sydney. Another option you may consider is utilizing scaffolding wrap advertising for your project, which can be found at

The concrete mix is 3500 psi, wire and rebar reinforced. The finish is broom swept.

The result was more than enough room to enter and exit the concrete drive. Raising the concrete height also makes for a much smoother transition to the paved highway.

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