We have poured thousands of concrete slabs that range in size from a small garage floor to a huge batting cage. A concrete slab is usually four inches thick and poured continuously. However, we also do monolithic turndown slabs for garages and houses.

monolithic house slabConcrete slabs that do not need a foundation to support load bearing walls will only require a gravel base and four inches of concrete. This type of slab is typically used for concrete floors with exterior block walls, patios, basketball courts, pole barns, batting cages, and the like.

Monolithic slabs on the other hand require an integrated foundation. In the Middle Tennessee area the most common type of foundation is a concrete footer with block supporting walls. However in recent years the monolithic slab has become very popular as well. Many home builders have gone to this type of foundation because of simplicity, cost and overall strength.

Regardless of what type concrete slab that you need, rest assured that Concrete Workz can meet your need for your specific application.

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