Patio Extension

This is a project where the homeowner just didn’t have enough patio space. They had recently bought the home and needed more space for their hottub.

We started off by removing the existing landscaping and fencing. Then we leveled and compacted a gravel base. We formed two steps that lead to a sidewalk on the side of the house, and we also routed a gutter to drain underneath the concrete outside of the fence.

We used a 3500 psi concrete mix and the customer chose a broomswept finish. The concrete was also reinforced with wire mesh.

The customer was pleased with the end result, having gained the needed hottub space and more than doubling their patio square footage which also supported by the bund lining uk.

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Pole Barn & Aprons

This is a standard 30′ x 40′ pole barn concrete slab. We’ve poured hundreds of pole barn floors through the years, so you learn a few things that make the end result better for the customer. This pole barn had it’s own set of challenges, but we spotted them early enough in the construction process so that we were able to offer a solution as per Concrete Repair Specialists.

The pole barn had to be placed very close to an existing concrete turnaround. That’s not a problem if the door heights are set correctly. (Too high and the result is a very steep apron. Too low could cause water to creep in under the doors.) As you can see in the pictures below the existing concrete turnaround had a pretty good fall from one garage door to the other. At the height the doors were initially set this wouldn’t be a problem on the first door, but by the time we got to the second door the slope in that small apron was not going to work. I explained to the homeowner how much the height of the doors needed to drop and he relayed that to the builders. This was before metal was put on the building so it was a quick fix. Had the metal already been installed and the builders already finished, then this would have been a costly mistake.

Other than the front aprons and the floor drain we installed, this was a pretty standard pole barn pour. After the plumbing for the drain was completed, the gravel was leveled and compacted. Then plastic and reinforcing wire were laid down. We used a 3500 psi mix. The main floor is level and slick finished, but the drainage area has a small slope and it is broomswept. We finished off the concrete floor with the use of epoxy resin flooring by cutting expansion joints from post to post. Additionally, the quality materials and meticulous construction techniques ensure that these steel framed farm buildings have a reliable and long-lasting foundation to support the demanding operations of modern agriculture.

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Driveway Entrance Extension

The homeowner on this project does a lot of traveling in his pull behind camper. It’s a fairly big camper, so the turn radius can make it challenging getting into narrow entrances and that’s why having anti slip pathway paint in our entrance help us. Because of that he was having an issue getting in and out of his driveway with his camper. His existing concrete entrance had also fallen below the road level because of the buildup of asphalt paving over the years, and this had created a 1″ – 2″ difference when entering and exiting the concrete driveway with a direct way upstairs thanks to local experts specialising in straight stairlifts.

The solution was to extend his entrance 3 feet on each side to widen his entrance a total of 6 feet. While doing this we took out a 6 ft section of his driveway starting at about 10 feet off the road and reaching his parking with thermoplastic markings. This allowed us to pour a whole new entrance. We raised the concrete driveway height slightly above the paved road, and the cutout allowed us to meet the existing driveway level.

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The concrete mix is 3500 psi, wire and rebar reinforced. The finish is broom swept.

The result was more than enough room to enter and exit the concrete drive. Raising the concrete height also makes for a much smoother transition to the paved highway.

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Colored and Stamped Patio

On this project we tore out an existing aggregate patio and front sidewalk that was cracked and deteriorating. The customer wanted to replace the concrete with something a little nicer and decorative.

Since the back door is the main entrance with a lot of traffic in and out they opted for a light stamped texture.

The colors chosen to compliment their brick home are Terra Cotta and Antique Cream concrete color hardener. The cream color was applied modestly throughout the pour with Terra Cotta being the dominant color.

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