Concrete is virtually a maintenance free product. Like anything else though concrete can get dirty and might require occasional washing and degreasing. We recommend that you either spray concrete off with a garden hose, or lightly wash with a pressure washer. If you do need to use a degreaser make sure it is made for concrete and does not contain any chemicals that would damage the concrete surface.

Concrete cures, or get’s stronger over time. Initially after a pour the concrete is much weaker than it will be a month or so later. For this reason we suggest to our customers that they keep all heavy vehicles off of the concrete for 5-7 days depending on the time of year. The reason is that concrete is susceptible to hairline cracks during this curing process, and heavy vehicles could damage the concrete in this weaker state affecting it’s strength for life. Heavy vehicles and equipment can also damage concrete long after the curing process if they are heavier than what the driveway was intended to support.